Online Job Board Startups – How To Start a Job Board Site?

You may have heard that there is a better chance of getting loads of traffic when you offer an online job board where people can browse for jobs while they are also presented with the opportunity to see what you have to offer them on your website.

What might put you off though; Is how exactly do your start a job board site in the first place?, and how do you go about to choose a domain name that will mean something? The domain name needs to lure people to your job board when they enter certain keywords.

Further to this, you need to weigh up your options with regards to how to choose a good web hosting site where it will be easy to integrate the job board script you need to launch your new online job board with. Once you’ve got your domain name, and have your web hosting sorted, you need to have a good content management system where you can easily make changes at will without having to have a degree in science first.

Choosing a Domain Name

This is why it is important to know what domain name you need to choose. People do not always know how to go about in choosing the right domain name. There are a couple of things to consider such as; Is it better to select a domain name in a hurry in case someone else take the domain name you want first, or would it be better to take your time and consider a couple of things first, before you make the mistake of your life, by selecting a domain name that is not going to help you in the long run. Besides, you may want to integrate a job website script later on to help increase the traffic to your site, for which you would need a good hosting company.

Why It Would Be Wise To Select a Company That Offers The Complete Package

You may very well be afforded the opportunity to select a good domain name first, and then look around for a very good company who offers you the chance to benefit from a job board script that includes web hosting, should you become a member. It might be a good idea to find a company that produces either a job website script or job board script while offering you the chance to have hosting at the same time.

What is more, is that the company you select need to have excellent administrator tools and a very good content management system that will let you integrate a job board script or job website script with the click of your mouse. One such company that might be worthwhile visiting is PG Job Site Pro Solution.

How to Build an Online Dating Community Based on Certain Interests?

This article continues a set of articles devoted to online dating sites, startups and useful tips. Read our first article here.

Dating website management takes a lot of time and effort. If you have a reliable dating software, it makes life easier. If you are launching a niche community website, you certainly have peculiar ways of keeping your members engaged.

A lot of entrepreneurs ask a question “How to start a dating website”. We say it’s not a problem to start a dating site. You just have to get reliable dating software. The problem is in getting new members and keeping them active.

Building a community includes:

  • finding the influencers for your niche in various social networks, blogs and in general on the net;
  • getting to know people who are talking about dating/ dating in your niche, competitors;
  • using your own network connections for a successful start. Ask your friends and colleagues to join your dating site;
  • making it easy to share from your site. Offer an easy newsletter signup & opportunities to like you on FB or Twitter;
  • building a quality dating community. Make your current users advocates for your niche community. Just note that according to a 2009 Nielsen study, 90% of consumer base trust peer recommendations, while only 33% go with online ads. So your current users will bring you better quality traffic at the end of the day; Read more »

Building an Exclusive Dating Site using Template – How to Begin?

This article is one of the set of publications for online dating startups, which includes reviews, tips, and a lot of advice.

Nowadays everyone is an entrepreneur. The types of ventures vary, but a couple of really good ideas survive, get funding or just go viral overnight. It’s up to you which type of internet business to choose. First of all it should fill in the need and provide the value to your future users. Thus a lot of startups are looking towards online dating and social discovery spheres.

If you chose online dating, see if you can build an exclusive dating site to gather a unique group of singles. There are many dating website builders which will help you launch quickly. Use lean startup and pivot later on. All you need really at the beginning is a good business plan and clear direction.
Then you can choose a dating site template quite easy. You can check, or check the free templates that usually go with ready-made dating scripts on the market. They may fit your idea and save a lot money and time. Read more »

How to build a job board website?

PG Job Site Pro provides you with the opportunity of owning your own, fully built job website script, without any of the stress, hassle, or technical knowledge necessary when creating a multi-level website. PG Job Site Pro offers the quickest and easiest means of either incorporating a job board script into your existing website, offering your visitors an additional feature, or with its advanced management tools, for both employer and job seeker alike, can be deployed as a full feature, stand-alone website with full e-commerce support.

The PG Job Site Pro offers the ideal solution for people who want to add a level of customization to their website, but without all the necessary design, coding and need for technical website-building skills. All sections of the job board script can be customized, if required, from the admin pages, allowing you to build a job website for any vacancies, in any part of the world.

Why Choose PG Job Site Pro?

Our job website script, built on PHP/MySQL offers the best advanced management tools of any web based application, with easy to use custom settings allowing the website to be set-up and run for a variety of uses, such as a specific job site, one for a country or industry, or used as a general site, displaying a wide selection of both vacancies, and people searching for a new challenge, job or vocation.

With very little computer skill or knowledge, Job Site Pro can be set up to create either a job board, or a recruitment agency website.Simply access the admin panel, set the language, and main page to your own requirements, and customize any parts of the job website script that you wish, such as the placing of advertising banners, or Google Adsense to make an extra revenue stream, and your set to go. Once launched, you can use your site to charge for job postings, or use the job board script to provide temporary workers to company’s when required.

PG Job Site Pro comes complete as the ultimate job board script, offering full monetization. Fully fitted, with pre-installed payment gateways, as well as easy banner placement for the sale of advertising space, all you need to do is create an account, insert your details into the clearly defined areas on the admin panel, and you’re ready to start receiving the payments, with the money flowing directly into your account.

Making money with PG Job Site Pro is easy, with so many people searching for both part-time, and full-time, as well as temporary and casual vacancies, the opportunities to increase people’s profiles with the job search, sell advertising space, or set-up and introduce your own recruitment agencies are endless. Provided with 20 hour, 6 days a week support, all fully included in the price, as well as installation and consulting, PG Job Pro offers the best job board script currently available, and at such a low cost, must be considered when wishing to build your own job board website.

SocialBiz: A Unique Software to Start your Own Social Network

How to create a website like Facebook? Starting out from scratch will be an absolutely nightmare, unless you are an already skilled programmer. Fortunately, SocialBiz is out there which has already done all the work for you. With this program, you will be able to create your own social network quickly and easily.

Info about SocialBiz

Whether you want to start an online social networking business, or you want to build a site for niche or professional community, SocialBiz software will allow you to not only create your own social network, but also to launch several features in your site, including chats, searches, profiles, payments and services. Installation of the program on your server is free, and you can also use their hosting service. If you are stuck in a step and cannot move further, their management manual and support system will always be there to help you out. The software that you install on your server has a basic structure, and you can add other options as and when required. Read more »

April 2012 – new version of PG Real Estate

Exactly 1 year ago PilotGroup.NET company started an online community for PG Real Estate users. There are more than 300 active members, more than 400 improvements shared, more than 100 improvements implemented. Nice stats, good results!

A new April 2012 version of PG Real Estate is the result of improvements mainly based on community members’ comments. Most important improvements and difficulties faced when using the renewed web-site make part of the new version. They are:

  • "All listings from this member" page is improved;
  • Listing description on map is updated;
  • JavaScript is used to load tabs on view listing page;
  • Message under "Listing provided by" doesn’t contain any html code;
  • Property address is displayed in reverse order when language interface is switched to Russian;
  • "Max number of symbols in headline and comments" limitation works properly;
  • "About buyer/tenant" section is restored;
  • Uploading images to information pages is corrected;
  • Correct currency, measure and price per measure are displayed;
  • Photo gallery became more flexible;
  • Information pages have a proper path;
  • Small misspellings and typos are corrected;
  • Site layout doesn’t glitch in IE 7;
  • "Refine search" mechanism is adjusted;
  • Property listings can be filtered before export;

…and others.

 New  real estate script features will significantly improve your real estate web-site:

  • Site colors management – creating completely new color themes. All site colors and styles are at your hand, no programming skills are required.
  • Mobile module update – new layout and improved navigation;
  • RTL support;
  • 3 new languages – Spanish, French, Turkish;
  • Mortgage module uninstall;
  • Google translate API update to V2;
  • Google Maps API update to V3;
  • Option to edit width and height of site and mobile version logos;
  • New CAPTCHA;
  • Number of unread messages in user menu;

… and various under-the-hood improvements.

According to the tradition PilotGroup.NET thanks those who contributed to the improvement of PG Real Estate this time.

Update your site  to latest version of PG Real Estate now!

Feel the spring with the freshest edition of Job Site Pro!

No more winter! No more frozen sites! We are going to present the blossom of features and a blooming design on a totally new platform.

We know you are tired of cold and bugs; you need sunshine and speedy site. We cannot rule the nature but we managed to develop a nice piece of coding for you this winter. Job Site Pro is going to be such a powerful job script that you won’t believe it. And you shouldn’t. What we are going to do is to make you check it yourself. Beta testing start is scheduled for late April. But now we can’t help discovering some enjoyable features Job Site Pro will contain.

First and the most important, we carefully moved our dear Job Site Pro to the entirely new platform, cutting off all superfluous and thoroughly reviewing the content and interface of each section. Now we are sure to provide you with the most pristine coding this script ever consisted of.

Second joyful thing – our job board script is going to be totally SEO friendly. There is a large section in admin devoted to SEO settings of your job site. Enjoy and be careful!

Third one is that design of Job Site Pro is easily customizable from the admin panel. You can now change the look and feel of the site right from the admin panel using the powerful inbuilt tool. Feel yourself a designer!

Another great thing will please the present and future Job Site Pro owners. We have carefully thought through and implemented a system of payment services which will satisfy the most discerning job board owners. Go charge everyone for everything! Or no one for nothing!

And like a spring awakens the nature, we want to awaken all our existing clients. Our dear Job Site Pro owners, no matter how long ago you bought our job board software, we will be glad to provide you with this fresh spring edition with no charge. It’s not a joke! It’s long-awaited spring!

How to Use Turnkey Dating Sites for Your Niche Christian Website on Easter

How to use turnkey dating sites for your business on Easter holiday?Religious holidays have always been great for niche dating sites: more options to attract people & possibility to stand out. In a world where Facebook has taken over the social networking market beating out even Google, there has always been a room online for quality Christian dating sites as they show us someone new, someone we may like and most importantly, someone sharing our Faith.

There are large religious dating sites out there in dating market:,,  This niche is spacious. Creating your own dating site and taking part of this underserved market is easier than ever with Dating Pro’s turnkey dating site which uses a quality open source dating software which has all of the features that you could want and the option for you to modify it to your own unique style.  The turnkey dating site allows you to start gathering your religious community right away and making money.  Read more »

PG Dating Script Software at iDate2012 Miami – Our Report

PG dating script software at iDate 2012iDate 2012, international dating conference, took place on January 23-30 in Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida. I was one of the attendees, representing PG Dating site software and PG Social Networking software. Dating Pro was a Dating Industry Sponsor.

Every year, iDate in Miami gathers major CEOs in online dating industry, dating site startups and main dating site owners, top service & software providers, dating affiliates and affiliate networks, matchmakers & dating coaches. This year wasn’t an exception.

There were four tracks running at the same time only for dating part of the conference, plus one track for social networking conference. I wish there were more people from Pilot Group with me. Read more »

PG Dating Pro Script 2012 – Improved New Look

It’s a New Year, 2012 has well and truly begun and to mark the New Year, we here at Dating Pro have analyzed our dating script and, by reviewing other forms of open source dating software, has revamped and re-launched our Dating Pro software.

So what new and exciting features has Dating Pro, the very best in online dating script, added to its already professionally made turnkey sites? Read more »